Edward C. Patterson
ASIN: B0010K2ER6
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 124

Luke Oliver has just come out of the closet and confronts a brave new world - a meeting of the Gay and Lesbian Activist Association of New Birch and Sipsboro (GLAABS) - your run of the mill, gay political caucus. Run of the Mill? . . . my @$$. Stepping across the threshold of the Otterson estate exposes Luke to horny and hilarious shenanigans that give the Boys in the Band a run for its money. Who wants whom? Who has whom? Who will win Luke's . . . let's say, attentions? A self-effacing, comic romp through the Gay hierarchy, Cutting the Cheese is a reality check from the author's provocative coming out experience in a drizzled-pink world If your funny bone needs tickling and you don’t mind seeing yourself in the mirror, pick up your knife and join the Cheddar Brigade — only, watch how you slice and dice it. This gang is fussy about size. It's every one for themself in New Birch's ...
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