Othniel J. Seiden
Publisher: Books To Believe In
Pages: 350

Review: Fascinating historic Jewish novel explores the secret spiritual life of Christopher Columbus! 1492:The Spanish Inquisition, Christians burned at the stake, Muslims and Jews expelled from Spain and the Columbus expedition... This historical novel takes you into the lives of everyday Christians, Muslims, Jews and secret Jews of ancient Spain explaining what they had to endure during that horrific time in history. The details of Columbus' epic voyage were researched meticulously using Columbus' personal journal. Othniel Seiden takes you on the voyage itself, beyond the discoveries through the fears, victories and superstitions of the adventurers of that era into the humanity of all souls encountered on the journey. Preview this historic Jewish novel now - Simply click the cover of The Cartographer - 1492 This is just one of many books in the Jewish History Novel Series by Ot ...
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