Jacinta Carey
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Pages: 309

The Stolen HeartBook 2, The Starbuck SagaJacinta CareyNantucket, 1838Almira Hussey is a desperate young woman. Her father’s ship has been reported lost at sea, her mother is seriously ill, she has two younger sisters to take care of and her brother had just shipped out on a whaler she soon discovers is a hell ship.When her mother dies, Almira is determined to secure a better life for them all. A three-year stint at sea on a whaler will give her the money she needs to apprentice her sisters to a decent trade and support herself. With any luck, she might even be able to rescue her brother, and find news of her father's fate.Almira disguises herself as a man and throws herself upon the mercy of famous whaler captain Jared Starbuck, said to have the Devil’s own luck turning a profit. He agrees to sign on the puny lad as a cabin boy and pay the apprenticeship articles for her sisters as ...
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