Jack Kilborn, J.A. Konrath, Jeff Strand
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 246

Masters of the comedy thriller genre, J.A. Konrath and Jeff Strand, team up for the humorous horror novella Suckers.Strand's perpetually unlucky character Andrew Mayhem, star of the novels Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary), Single White Psychopath Seeks Same, and Casket For Sale (Only Used Once), sets off on a simple mission at the request of his wife: Get some spaghetti sauce.On his way to the store he meets Konrath's obnoxious private eye Harry McGlade, co-star of the Lt. Jack Daniels thrillers Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary, Rusty Nail, Dirty Martini, Fuzzy Navel, and Cherry Bomb.Horrific violence, bad jokes, and lots of name calling soon ensues. Some sex, too, but not between the main characters.Originally, published as a very expensive limited-edition hardcover, Suckers is now available as a super cheap ebook.But the fun doesn't stop there.Also included in this ebook are six ...
Amazon Rating:
4 stars from 58 ratings
BookLending.com Rating:
4 stars from 5 ratings
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