Leo Tolstoy
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‘A Confession’ is Tolstoy’s chronicle of his journey to faith; his account of how he moved from despair to the possibility of living; from unhappy existence to ‘the glow and strength of life’. It describes his spiritual and philosophical struggles up until he leaves the Orthodox Church, convinced that humans discover truth not by faith, but by reason. The story begins when at the age of 50, Tolstoy is in crisis. Having found no peace in art, science or philosophy, he is attacked by the black dog of despair, and considers suicide. His past life is reappraised and found wanting; as slowly light dawns within. ‘As gradually, imperceptibly as life had decayed in me, until I reached the impossibility of living, so gradually I felt the glow and strength of life return to me… I returned to a belief in God.’Here is a quest for meaning at the close of the 19th century - a time of ...
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