Donna Callea
Publisher: Inlet Point Press
Pages: 247

As Hurricane Walter just about swallows Florida, ushering in a worldwide disaster-filled era, Mia Fine crouches in the crumbling newsroom of the paper where she works, listening to the publisher sing Broadway show tunes. It's the near future (maybe tomorrow), and times are bad. But not so much for Mia, who's happy she at least still has her adorable doctor husband Aaron-- even though he's determined to stay in what's left of the former Sunshine State as long as he's needed.  And what could be more festive when winter comes than joining Wal-Mart residents as they carol around a parking lot bonfire?  Eventually though, it's time to hit the road, and the not-so-brave new world Mia encounters along with Aaron and an unlikely band of fellow travelers can be a bit unsettling-- what with religious fanatics waiting for Jesus in Okeefenokee Swamp Park, and a sexed-up hussy setti ...
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