Donna Callea
Publisher: Inlet Point Press
Pages: 197

A post-apocalyptic novel with a twist:   No zombies.  No terrible,  horrible, very bad things happeningto the main characters.Oh sure.  It's nopicnic when Hurricane Walter just about swallows Florida.  And Walter is just the beginning,ushering in a world-wide disaster-filled era that changes everything.  Well, almost everything.  Broadway show tunes miraculouslysurvive.  (Sorry about that.)  ButMia Gionfreddo-Fine, a former reporter for a minor metropolitan Floridanewspaper, knows she doesn't have it so bad, post-Walter.  Not compared to others.  She's still got her adorable husbandAaron, a dedicated doctor who stays in Florida until the very end-- of the state,that is.  Mia, Aaron, and a small troupe ofquirky fellow travelers then set out to make it all the way to New YorkState, where there's a place for them, they hope. Along the way, they encountersome scary religious fa ...
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