Leopold McGinnis
Publisher: Underground Uprising Press
Pages: 504

A fully illustrated novel about Family, Coffee, Computer Games and Success in the Face of Failure. It's 1994 and everything is falling apart... The tight-knit Madre family, nestled deep in the California Mountains, is the envy of the computer gaming world. Since founding the company fifteen years ago, Will and Kendra Roberts have pioneered an industry by following their own brand of folksy, do-the-right-thing business ethic. But success proves to be their greatest enemy as their company begins to slip wildly beyond their control and venture capitalists, smelling money, flood the market with cheap knock-offs of MadreÂ’s product. Not only that, but the new, monstrously popular 3D shoot-em-ups threaten to put the final bullet in Madre's signature Adventure Games. At home, Will and Kendra struggle to deal with the fact that their daughter spends all her time in front of the computer ...
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5 stars from 6 ratings
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