William Russo
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Pages: 106

The truth about the death of Billy the Kid can be found buried within the papers, notes, diaries, and journals, of Lew Wallace, the territorial governor of New Mexico at the height of the Kid's career. By chance, Wallace spent the same years as governor writing his famous novel, Ben Hur. As a result, he kept a full record of his time in diaries, journals, notes, and documents associated with his tenure. Wallace's reason's for this can be deduced from the collected letters and writings that comprise the body of this study. In fact, heretofore, unknown, Gov. Wallace used himself as a lab specimen, taking on the role of procurator of a desert territory in turmoil on the outskirts of the American empire to inspire his personal writings. To serve as his foil, the rebel leader and legendary savior, he cast William H. Bonney. The Kid's behavior, psychology, and fate, worked as inspiration ...
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