Simon Worrall
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 282

When critically acclaimed writer, Simon Worrall, travels to Patagonia on assignment for National Geographic Magazine, he encounters one of the planet’s last wild places: a vast, windblown landscape peopled by colorful characters - a Catholic priest on his way to The South Pole; a woman living alone in The Mountains of The Wind; gauchos, misfits and eccentrics. But as the wind chases chases him south towards the ends of the earth, he also tells his own story: a story of desire and lost love, and one man's search for his place in the world. On the way, he visits some of the places that inspired Charles Darwin's Origin of Species. Applying Darwin's ideas to his own life, Worrall explores his own origins and his evolution as a man and a father, with an honesty that is sometimes shocking. The result is not just another exotic, travel book. Instead, Worrall delivers a powerful story of love ...
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