Ruth Francisco
Publisher: Mysterious Press
Pages: 352

In the heart of modern-day Los Angeles, Frances Oliver practices the arts and skills of the deathmaiden. Four years of intensive training at the Institute for Eternal Living and membership in the Society of Deathmaidens have well prepared her for the role. But the woman who knows so much about helping the dying cross over is about to discover just how little she knows about life . . . when someone uses her—and all she stands for—to commit cold-blooded murder.He’s is only a little boy, a Mexican child by the name of Tomás Gomez. Left in a persistent vegetative state by massive head trauma, he has been sent home from the hospital to die. Yet from the moment she touches him, Frances senses that Tomás is not brain-dead at all, but only too frightened of something or someone to wake up.Elated at the possibility of bringing him out of his coma, she briefly leaves his bedside. It ...
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