J. Dane Tyler
ASIN: B0041845LM
Publisher: J. Dane Tyler
Pages: 141

A suicide on a dark bridge over a raging river is foiled when Marty meets a stranger who might just save his life. Or will he?A high school student learns his habit of Internet plagiarism may not be a victimless crime after all.All Rose wants to do is open a bakery on the edge of a recovering area of the city, but the discovery of an unknown stairwell under the floorboards of her building are presenting challenges she's not ready for.Kelly won a vacation by phoning into a radio station! But...maybe she won more than she bargained for, because there's a weird storm cloud on the horizon, and the crew doesn't seem prepared for that. At all.These characters and others are among A Fine Cast of Characters, a horror collection by J. Dane Tyler.Sample a menagerie of people, things, events and places both dark and light. Wander in hidden recesses of imagination and travel with A Fine Cast of Char ...
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