Mary Hayward
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 390

Few books are actually written by the suvivor, but this is one. This is a true story written by me. My name is Mary and I was born to London poverty.Inspiring and uplifting, this book has it all. An emotional roller-coaster with an unexpected twist of romance that comes but once in a lifetime.Begging for food at the age of 8, with my 4 year old sister I starve. It is a battle of wits, and a struggle to survive the horror of hunger. Betrayed, my life falls apart. The legacy of my childhood I am abandoned alone and cast out onto the streets, a single parent homeless with a child of my own. It is the story of heartbreak and struggle, invisible to the welfare state. Yet something within me always fights, and I break free the shackles of my miserable life, and at last find the most amazing and wonderful love in such an unlikely way.
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