Barbara Bartholomew
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 194

The poverty stricken land on the far end of the peninsula has little of which to boast . Its soil is thin, its people poor, and the largest city is tiny indeed by the standards of the region. But over the centuries it has become a place of refuge for the world's magically gifted and so has collected an overlooked population that needs only the right spark to set the tinder afire. In this alternate world where Arthur might be a simpleton instead of a king and where princes from a more familiar earth might find an offer of a throne inviting and Merlin is a wise old bird, Caswell flees with her young daughter. Her little girl is magically gifted and faces death at the hands of their neighbors unless Cas can get her safely to Endymion where she, an indulged and protected young woman, will seek to prove herself a warrior who can defend her own, and find herself at the center of a infamous ...
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