T. E. Klemm
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 360

Tired of chess problems that are (often incredibly) way “over your head”?The fact of the matter is that too many chess books are written for the higher echelons of the chess playing world. Even if not designed strictly for those in the Grandmaster status, too many chess books are designed for players that make up only the top 10% to 15% of the chess playing world. (Players who can think a good 7-10 moves ahead in any given game.)This book is for the other 85% of us -- "The Rest of Us."The book includes 100 Chess Problems for Novice/Intermediate players that -- while challenging the reader -- will never be leaps and bounds above the reader’s capabilities.The book is filled with hundreds of graphs and long, narrative explanations that will not only show the reader the answer to the problem, but EXPLAIN the answer. Designed strictly for them, all intermediate players will learn ...
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