John Osipowicz
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 192

Once upon a time, America was the champion of freedom. Lately we have given up that freedom for the sake of success. However, all is not lost. We can regain that liberty, but it will not be done by government or bureaucracy. We can be free again only by each of us finding our separateness. Each of us must regain our individual power, and then together we can once again be the harmonious diverse nation we once were, rather than a nation of bickering antagonists. In this book, I want to present aspects of my life that developed my own “IP,” or individual power. I want the reader to view my life and then use it as a touchstone to bring out his or her own individual power. This individual strength will not be gained by imitating my life, but by adapting it to each reader’s own uniqueness. Once, this was a nation of rare individuals. Now we have become sycophants ...
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