Lawrence Bohme
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Pages: 150

An artistic and historical guide to the Andalucian town of Montefrio by Lawrence Bohme, world citizen, artist, writer and self-taught architect who first discovered this remote place in 1960 and lived there between 1983 and 2002. The town's many monuments and archaeological treasures are fully documents with the author's own sketches and maps. The guide book is followed by eight stories of the author's life in Montefrio, and an eclectic assortment of stories about Spain previously published in Spain's English-language press. Lawrence is also the author of “Granada, City of My Dreams”, which he illustrated with pen-and-ink drawings and translated into French and Spanish, as well as "Stories from Spain and Other Places", a collection of "tales from the life".SYNOPSIS: The monumental town of Montefrio, in the northwestern corner of Granada Province, stands well off the beaten path ...
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