Gerald Hansen
Publisher: Mint Books
Pages: 260

"Continued brilliance. The characters will make you laugh and cry and fume while you're reading." Colin QuinnPLEASE NOTE: Although this book is part of the DERRY WOMEN SERIES, there is no cliffhanger. It is true that the characters get older as the series progresses, but each book is a complete story, and can be enjoyed without having read the previous book.Desperate mother of seven, Fionnuala Flood, thinks her new get-rich-quick scheme will pay all the bills, but instead it threatens to tear the family apart forever. The case of bargain bin canned vegetables she bought for the scam contains explosives, not potatoes. And a wilting branch of the defunct IRA will stop at nothing to get it back.Adding to the Fionnuala woes, her two oldest sons are in prison, her husband's hands are fondling more than frozen fish at the packing plant, and her lesbian daughter has just published a book ...
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