Brian Martinez
ASIN: B004O6MR70
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 290

Christopher is an odd-job man, making a living doing the chores no one else wants to. He doesn't drive and he just may have a crush on the sword-swallower girl who performs down on the boardwalk. When he agrees to be the test subject for an experimental drug named ReQular, a transdermal patch with unknown effects, things begin to change. Between reporting to the three scientists who lead the research, he becomes wrapped up in the lives of various people- Eddie, a man who lives on the street, Jeanie, a spoiled rich daughter, even the Sword Girl, who regards him as a stalker as she draws him close then pushes him away. Most dangerously, he becomes obsessed with destroying the life of a random man he passes on the street, for reasons even he himself can't be sure of. Through stranger and stranger turns, Christopher gets wrapped up in a world of questions: what is ReQular, who are the myst ...
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