Reinhard Schleining
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Pages: 55

PHILOSOPHY > GeneralPSYCHOLOGY > Applied PsychologyKids are Doomed in the Prison.Adults Act according to Plan.Everyone else Watches Telly.This collection of essays looks at the world in a both humorous and serious way. As if approaching a pyramid from the sky, we’re starting from the very top, the most recent Concern on the gripping trajectory of Time, and then move all the way down to the root, back to July 2006, as the reality of the agenda of a ‘new world order’ slowly began to seep into collective awareness. Along this journey we’re diving into something increasingly elaborate and descriptive about what seem to be Tragic Flaws of the Reality we’ve come to create and accept, not infrequently even embrace and identify with. It becomes obvious that our present State, when magnified through the lens of Psychological Truth, looks pretty bleak and completely unnecessary. As ...
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