Ronald Wintrick
ASIN: B004U7G0O4
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 619

The Great Peace reigned upon the land. None thought it could be shattered. Then in the East grew a great army. It appeared from nowhere and quickly overwhelmed the first of the four kingdoms.The rumors that this new army had risen from the dead, actually climbed from their graves, were hard to believe. That a Black Necromancer had risen wasn't surprising, though it had been a long time since the last. No Necromancer in known history had ever been able to raise the dead!The Necromancer and his disciples quickly defeat the powerful Sisters defending the first kingdom and the Army of the Undead is moving towards the next realm!Timan is only seventeen years old when the winds of war begin to blow across his family’s isolated farmstead. Fleeing survivors bring the stories of the horrors seen. The stories told by the survivors who pass their farm, of having seen living people eaten alive ...
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