Daniel Linden
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 355

Joe Posey is the best basketball player in the country. David Posey suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. Uncle Bjorn is the larger-than-life logger and wild man from the mountains of Maine who saves their lives. It gets better: there are rumors that David and Joe’s grandfather might be in the Mafia, their dad is a world-class racist, and their mother hides a bottle of whiskey over the sink. It’s just another American family in other words. David tells the story of his childhood watching his brother play basketball. It was an amazing time; Joe was a new breed of player, a cross between Pistol Pete Maravich and Magic Johnson and he could throw no-look passes behind his back while spinning high and faking a dunk only to shovel the ball to a teammate for an easy shot. He was amazing. But there was trouble, lots of trouble.The times then were hard and racism was rampant. But racism cuts ...
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