Lynn Emery
Publisher: Lazy River Publishing
Pages: 191

This is the first book in the LaShaun Rousselle paranormal mystery series. The second book is Between Dusk and Dawn. The third book is Only By Moonlight.LaShaun Rousselle returns to her home in Beau Chene, Louisiana. Soon she has to use her paranormal abilities to solve the mystery of what lives in the woods on the family land, and solve the mystery of who killed her cousin. When LaShaun is charged with the murder, Deputy Chase Broussard had to decide if he's going to be her ally or arrest her. Against the odds and public opinion, their romance heats up even as the mysteries deepen. LaShaun must face paranormal forces determined to control her; a force LaShaun set loose in the past with deadly results. Together LaShaun and Chase fight off demonic and human evil."Beginning with the cover, this book is superbly written and rendered. It's beautiful and the storyline is enthralling. It's ...
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