Publisher: The Black Heart Consumer Advocates Black Economics Research Institute & Foundation - The (B.H.C. A.B
Pages: 71

For millions of years Black people not only thrived but flourished in what had, so far, been proven to be an all Black world. Over the past centuries, whites would dig hundreds and thousands of feet below the earth’s surface, in every cave, under every ocean and even on the moon and several planets, to find evidence that the earth and the universe was not all Black, that whites must have been somewhere.Millions and billions of dollars would be spent by whites on every thing from the desecration of Black burial grounds to the taking over and digging up of entire Black cities, Black kingdoms and Black countries. The results would always be the same. When human bones would be taken by whites, they would always turn out to be the bones of Blacks. The bones would be taken to white universities and hidden in secret until someone would come across them and their presence would have to be ...
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