Robin Allen
ASIN: B004Z5B22G
Publisher: Midnight Ink
Pages: 272

Poppy Markham practically grew up at the family restaurant in Austin,Texas, and, until recently, worked as a sous chef under her surlystepsister Ursula. Poppy's not sure if her dad will ever forgive her for leaving the family business to become a public health inspector--themost reviled figure in the restaurant industry--but when he asks herback into the kitchen to help out during the restaurant's grandre-opening, she can't refuse. Chaos ensues when the guest of honor,Michelin-rated chef Évariste Bontecou, is found stabbed to death withUrsula's knife. Sacrebleu!Sorting through everyone who had it in for the hot-headed, philanderingFrench chef is worse than deboning a Coho salmon. Could it be the bad boy souschef eyeing his chance at the top or the conniving waitress rumored to beÉvariste's paramour du jour? The closer Poppy gets to the truth,the hotter things get. And as everyone ...
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4.5 stars from 11 ratings
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