Carole Bellacera
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 204

An elderly Appalachian couple, who've fallen in love in Memphis, take to the road in a red Corvette because their wacky children decide to send them to separate retirement homes. Soon the police are in hot pursuit as they try to reach their goal of California so Velma can get her first glimpse of the ocean. "Contemporary author Carole Bellacera jumps into the romantic comedy sub-genre with both feet in this laugh a minute story, written from each and every character's point of view. While most of these insights are very funny, Velma's story is heartbreaking. However, she is the strongest voice heard and is basically saying the past is the past, and, my favorite, sex at seventy-three is as good as it was at twenty-three. Louie loved his late wife dearly, but he's been alone a long time and to him, Thelma is his CHOCOLATE ON A STICK. A very clever plot, peopled with great characters and ...
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