Nikki Duvall
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 226

Big city girl with too many vials of prescription painkillers in her Prada bag runs to a small town, high powered boyfriend on her heels. Gets in repeated accidents. Hides medical records at the bottom of a dresser drawer. Pays cash for a ramshackle house, refuses help from anyone.Too fascinating for mountain guide Wes Satterfield to resist, even if he has been burned by beautiful tourists in the past. Playing hero is Wes’ specialty. Headstrong and cocksure, Wes can’t pass up the chance to save the new woman in town who appears to be a magnet for disaster. But Wes’ new interest is anything but willing to be saved. She’s on a mission to live out her last days no holds barred, even if that means passing up the love of her life. ...
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