Byrne Fone
ASIN: B00551U612
Publisher: Perigord Books
Pages: 262

AMERICAN REVOLUTION A Gay Novel (Keywords: Gay, American, President)A Philip Kristopher Gay Mystery IS AMERICAN READY FOR A GAY PRESIDENT? What is the connection between a man murdered in the back room at a New York gay dance party and a front-running presidential candidate? Gay reporter Philip Kristopher tries to find out, but soon discovers that powerful people want the story to disappear as if the murder had never happened. Determined to find the truth, Kristopher soon finds that he is playing a double game as both hunter and hunted as his quest leads from the board-rooms of New York to the inner sanctums of the rich and powerful, the religious, the militant right, and finally to the door of the White House itself. This compelling gay novel is about America's great obsessions: Power, Politics, Money, and Sex.
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