M. Todd Gallowglas
ASIN: B0055I14BG
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 162

On her twenty-first birthday, Julianna, frees Grandfather Shadow, an ancient god of vengeance from his thousand-year prison. In his "gratitude," Grandfather Shadow names Julianna his high priest and commands Julianna to lead his people to greatness once again. Unfortunately, it is a crime for any of Julianna's people to worship above their station, with the punishment of the crime being the destruction of her soul. Readers who enjoy the intracate and sweeping world of works like A Game of Thrones, The Malazan Book of the Fallen and the swashbuckling adventure of The Three Musketeers will find themselves right at home with the Tears of Rage sequence. ...
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4.5 stars from 65 ratings
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