M. Todd Gallowglas
ASIN: B0055I14BG
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 162

Revenge is the best revenge. The gods thought to use Julianna as a pawn. She decided she'd rather play the queen. On her twenty-first birthday, Julianna, frees an ancient god from his thousand-year prison. In his "gratitude," the god names her his high priest and commands Julianna to lead his people to greatness once again. Unfortunately, it is a crime for her to worship one of the five ancient gods, a crime punishable by execution and the destruction of her soul. Fans of George RR Martin's A GAME OF THRONES and Steven Erikson's THE MALAZAN BOOK OF THE FALLEN will find themselves right at home with the TEARS OF RAGE sequence. ...
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4.5 stars from 80 ratings
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