M. Todd Gallowglas
ASIN: B0055I14BG
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 162

After receiving a divine blessing at the moment of her birth, Julianna spends her childhood as a centerpiece in a quiet chess game between the gods. This changes on her twenty-first birthday. In her moment of greatest need, Julianna frees Grandfather Shadow, an ancient god of vengeance, from his thousand-year prison. To show his gratitude, Grandfather Shadow names Julianna his high priest and commands her to reunite his fractured people and lead them to greatness once again. The god cares nothing for current mortal laws which state it is a crime for Julianna's people to worship any of the five ancient gods. The punishment for the crime is the destruction of Julianna's soul.  Pursued by Inquisitors of the Kingdom of the Sun and followers of the god of Death, Julianna must learn to control the divine blessings Grandfather Shadow bestowed upon her while trying to understand her new place ...
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4.5 stars from 72 ratings
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