Derek Semmler
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 43

What are three of the most precious words that any dad can hear from their child? What three words do too many dads take for granted, and only realize the mistake they've made when it is far too late?Dad, can we...***Excerpt:Working 50+ hours per week and then coming home to work on a few side projects. Just one more email. I’ll be home in an hour. We’ll play catch right after dinner. It wasn’t long and the requests from my kids were coming less frequently, they knew dad was “too busy right now” to give them 15 minutes. Wow, I can get so much work done without all of these distractions.Hold on…did I really just think of my kids as distractions?I’m ashamed to admit it but there have been times where I thought the task in front of me was so important that everyone and everything around me was a distraction. Thankfully, I have a wife that was kind enough to gently (as in a ...
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