Simon Chambers
Publisher: Pathfinder Publishing
Pages: 248

After twenty-two years of military service Simon Chambers wasn't ready to retire into civilian life. He had served in four wars and the thought of driving trucks for the rest of his days was not an appealing prospect. Simon needed to find somewhere he could use the skills he had gained from being in the Para's. Iraq seemed like the right answer, but he was soon to learn that he had got more than he bargained for. Simon explains the problems of initially getting the job, the cap badge rivalry and the backstabbing between the companies. The book highlights the negligence and ineptitude of some and the sheer bravery and heroics of others. He tells of the dangers and pitfalls within the theatre of Operation. This should serve as an eye opener for others contemplating going into this line of work. In Iraq gunfights, sandstorms, dangerous driving, IED's, friendly fire and suicide bombers are ...
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