Duane Hewitt
ASIN: B00570IZR8
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 221

The Chaos of DaysA NovelBy Duane HewittThe brink of a new millennium: Global economies boom at unprecedented rates and then tumble into recession. Headlines scream new scourges and epidemics abroad. Social problems run rampant. Old industries struggle to stay afloat while new companies fly on the wings of fresh technologies. Taxes, pollution, job cuts, and a world spinning out of control. Everything is moving so fast. How is a simple family man supposed to cope? And how is he supposed to keep his family together?Andrew Pamenter is doing everything possible to keep his family intact despite the turbulent times. At 52, the future no longer seems to hold much hope. A wife disposed to drugs and infidelity, a daughter on the downward spiral of addiction, two young children: one safely nestled in her own inner world while another is destined to suffer a disturbing fate; and an older son, a ...
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