Lori Fran
ASIN: B0057848ZI
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 193

When the psychiatrist she works for retires, Lily Morgan answers an ad for a front desk position with a dental office. The dentist turns out to be a foul-mouthed bigot and she leaves. Having become knowledgeable about dental matters, she seeks and finds employment with another dental office. She loves her new job. It is a short commute from her home, and she has a pleasant relationship with the patients. However, she soon discovers that her new employers, a husband and wife dental team, are in a dysfunctional marriage. Dr. Robert Z. Jacobs cannot stop dumping his problems on Lily, and even though she knows better, Lily cannot stop listening. He is at her desk most of the day—between patients and sometimes even during patients. Dr. Jacobs explains. “It’s okay. I have time. The patient is getting numb.” Against her better judgement, Lily becomes personally involved in their ...
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