Jennifer Olson Farrar
Pages: 62

This is the first book in the Tasteless Series. Book Two is titled Moon Catcher.Olive is a young vampire struggling with inner demons. On a daily basis she asks the question- to kill or not to kill?However, she is not your average vampire! As she was going through the change she lost her sense of taste. Instead of killing innocent humans, she tries to trick herself into drinking anything other than blood to stay alive. But, this makes her weak.One day she passes out from lack of blood, and finds ruthless vampire Leo has saved her from frying in the sun. Olive is a loner and tries to rid herself from Leo, but finds he isn't easy to detach from. She gets tangles in Leo's dangerous lies and finds herself thrown in a situation with a human.Once again she must decide- to kill or not to kill the beautiful human.Word Count: apprx. 14,000
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