Deborah Brown
ASIN: B0059AJ8V8
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 304

The Florida Keys has everything for your perfect vacation. Beaches, beverages, and betrayals.Quirky property owner, Madison Westin inherits a whole lot more than her aunt's quaint beachfront cottages. Taking on a slew of colorful and shady tenants, Madison navigates a whole new world of drunks, ex-convicts, and fugitives. But all new businesses have their hang-ups.With a ruthless lawyer and the former property manager out for blood, Madison is forced to enlist her Glock-rocking bestie to help her take down vile enemies. But can the feisty Madison ace her crash course in blackmail, murder, and drugs before it's too late?Excerpt:Zach turned to me. "Can I stay?"I nodded, trying hard not to stare at his bare chest and broad shoulders. Call me crazy, but I was looking to having him as a house guest, a diversion from the sadness."You did a good job at the funeral getting rid of everyone ...
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