Lawana Blackwell
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Pages: 404

New Love Blooms as Spring Falls on GreshamAs Andrew and Julia Phelps enjoy newly married life, the town of Gresham awaits the next big romance. Surely with spring around the corner, new love must soon arrive, but few could predict where it would blossom. Reserved schoolmistress Lydia Clark had resigned herself to solitary life when she suddenly finds herself with two eligible men seeking her hand. But even as she considers their offers, her heart is drawn to someone else. Newcomer Noelle Somerville has settled in Gresham with secrets to hide, and nursing a broken heart. An unexpected turn of events makes her wildest dreams seem possible at last.More than one unlikely romance blooms among the villagers, and readers will be delighted as timid hearts are renewed by the joy of unforeseen love. ...
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