James L. Black
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 324

After modest beginnings, Portia had it all: startling beauty, fame, and most of all, Collin’s love. But her discovery of his affair with a woman named Susanna, changed everything. Portia decided to take her own life. As she slowly bled out, she painted a woman, the perfect combination of herself and Susanna. The perfect combination of the virgin and the whore. And at the moment of death, Portia saw the woman she had painted, no longer in the painting, but laying with her on the floor, staring at her face to face. Portia survived that tragic day. Now she desperately searches for true love. But within her lies a dark and violent rage, set off by the act of infidelity. Soon she will discover the greatest betrayal of all: her best friend’s affair with the very man she thought she might someday marry. The Glimpsing follows Portia’s rage-filled revenge as it draws Jack and Gabrielle ...
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4.5 stars from 51 ratings
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2.5 stars from 1 rating