J.W. Swartz
Publisher: J.W. Swartz
Pages: 285

The Western Montana landscape provides the backdrop in the exciting new novel, Leaning, by debut author J.W. Swartz. Swartz reveals the tale of Sammy Black Wolf, a Lakota/Irish ranch kid from Dillon, Montana who plays basketball for the University of Montana Grizzlies.A chance meeting on stage at the University Theatre introduces Sammy to Maggie, a music major from Drummond and her musician friend Zee. Sammy and Maggie share immediate chemistry and their relationship deepens quickly, but a brutal attack unravels their world and the fallout threatens their relationship.Sammy's dreams of playing in the NBA are realized when he is drafted by the Phoenix Suns where he flees after a misunderstanding. Confused and angry, Maggie heads to Nashville to make her mark in the music world. Sammy attempts other relationships. He meets the beautiful Ella on the basketball court playing "Res ball" but ...
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