Veronica Forbes, Jonathan North
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 37

If you have doubts about whether Pilates could be a good exercise option, that’s hardly surprising. Every time you read an account of what it takes to get fit it seems to be full of, frankly, misleading claims about what fitness should involve. A lot of these claims centre around 'pumping iron' and otherwise exerting yourself until you're fit to drop. In the face of all of this pressure, it’s easy to doubt whether Pilates can be good exercise. After all, isn't it just made up of slow and unexciting movements of the body which, taken together, can’t possibly offer the kind of workout needed for improving all round fitness and health? This ebook aims to dispell the myth about energetic exercise being the only route to a better way of health. After all, there is a reason why Pilates is the exercise phenomenon of the last twenty years or so. The benefits of Pilates are too numerous to ...
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