S.B. Stewart
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 272

When the young, carefree Rhonda Lewis steps out of her local Starbucks to discover a man bleeding to death on the street she is pulled into a world of magic, monsters and mystery. The bleeding stranger is no ordinary man but a century old Alchemist and Magician. It’s his dying act to transfer all of his powers and memories over to Rhonda, in hopes she will be able to stop the evil that threatens all things, both human and supernatural alike. Luckily, Rhonda has the help of a sexy werewolf named Logan, half demon Celina and even the Count St. Germain himself. Throughout her adventure Rhonda is able to survive multiple assassination attempts, meetings with a fairy Prince, a betrayal by one she has come to trust and an all out battle with her would be killer. Note from the author: I apologize in advance for any spelling / grammar mistakes. (always been my weak spot) Would love to have ...
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3 stars from 3 ratings
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