James A. Brakken
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 290

A twisting, turning, thrilling adventure based on records from the northern Wisconsin timber boom of the 1880s. Tor Loken, son of a lumber camp owner, and his mentor, Chief Namakagon, join with the lumberjacks from their camp to foil a ruthless timber tycoon and protect the secret silver mine—a mine that truly existed and has yet to be found. The clues are within. 43 exciting chapters written for all ages. Plus illustrations by the author, a conservationist and life-long resident of northwestern Wisconsin.In this action-adventure, Tor Loken, 16, is rescued from a danger-filled, Chicago child labor scheme and reunited with his father, owner of a lumber camp in far northwestern Wisconsin. Tor meets Chief Namakagon who takes him under his wing and shares with Tor knowledge of his secret silver mine. (This mine is based actual newspaper accounts from the 1880s. The silver has never been ...
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