Barbara Bartholomew
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 192

From School Library Journal (refers to print edition)GR 6-10A light, fast-paced and readable adventure that combines elements of romance, science fiction and fantasy. Jeanette Lacy, an unhappy 15 year old, attempts to find her runaway brother Neil and ends up being transported to another time. The time-transport stones are located in an old hotel scheduled to be destroyed in a few days, so the plot-clock starts ticking as Jeanette and Neil wander thorugh different centures, not always on Earth, before reaching home. Reviewer Yvonne A. Frey, Peoria Public Library, Illinois.The glowing stones seemed to throb with some unknown power. What were these stones and why were they here in this hidden cavern? All fifteen-year-old Jeanette Lacy and her younger brother Neil knew was that the stones were calling to them. . .and they couldn't resist.But their first steps on this weird pathway took ...
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