Linda Allen
ASIN: B00642K5L2
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 157

The gambler walks to the craps table, places a bet, and waits for the shooter to throw the dice. Expectations soar as dice hit the wall of the table, bounce once, and roll back to stare at eager eyes peering down on the table. "Seven out," the stick man calls, and dealers reach across the table to pick up lost bets. "Seven out only means we're coming out. New shooter! New Direction! Place all bets while the dice are in the center of the table," he demands and passes the dice to the next shooter. No words of condolence. Just make another bet. Chips and money are thrown down on the table as players send up fervent prayers begging the unseen deity for a good shooter to recoup mounting losses. Betting continues, and losses mount until all money is gone. The casino steps forward to call in markers. Desperation grips the body, and then a stranger approaches. "Your markers will ...
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