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Pages: 236

Remus Rifkin has got a problem: he likes wooden boxes. He likes wooden boxes because you can stash away everything in them that’s wrong with the world and write off all the people who annoy you. Boxes calm you down. But what happens when your little system stops working and you become, let’s say, unhinged? What do you do when you feel guilty you killed your Dad because you rang him on his sixtieth birthday present – a mobile phone – and he crashed his car on the motorway? With a Dad who’s dead and a girlfriend who’s just dumped him, Remus Rifkin is on the warpath - and he’s got a massive axe to grind. Join this anti-hero-extraordinaire as he tries to discover if his 'ex', Jasmine, really is the answer to his nightmares. Why is she playing so hard to get? And is stalking her on holiday the best way of winning her back? IP DIP is an irreverent snarl at the world. It’s ...
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