Jeffrey Pierce
Publisher: Jeffrey Pierce
Pages: 209

In a final stand of old growth timber, a stranger is found shivering in a patch of new snow on a hot summer day. The world has changed from the one he knew; society has stumbled and the rural areas have lost their connection to the rest of the country. Over the last sixty years, a culture has grown amidst the myths of the world before, developing its own beliefs around the ever present cycles of nature. Those who live within the shadows of the ancient trees have never seen a television or an electric light, they have never watched a plane climb into the sky or listened to voices echoing from a radio.The nightmare Alexander escaped from, that left him shivering with fear in a blanket of summer snow, is not ready to let him go. The echoes of another world slip into the mortal realm in the jealousy of an immortal lover who seeks to possess the one man who has ever told her, “No.” He ...
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