Sean-Paul Thomas
Publisher: Paul Thomas publishing
Pages: 156

A gangster with a tormented past goes on the run, deep into the heart of the Scottish Highlands. But when he discovers the unconscious body of a beautiful woman near his hideaway cottage, things take a chilling turn for the worst, especially when he tries to help the mysterious beauty unravel her forgotten past.Long SynopsisJason, a gangster with a tormented and tragic past, does a runner with a suitcase full of drug money right after an earth shattering tragedy which rips his world apart. On the run he disappears into the heart of the hauntingly stunning Scottish highlands to lay low in a secluded cottage before plotting his next move.On his second day of hiding out he discovers the mysterious body of a beautiful woman lying unconscious at the bottom of a hill. The woman has no memory of who she is though or how she ended up there, but after Jason carries her back to his cottage he tend ...
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