Sean-Paul Thomas
Publisher: Paul Thomas publishing
Pages: 156 reviews'Ugly Beautiful - New edition - Autumn 2013'Boyko Ovcharov  - 'Despite being a deeply dramatic story, this book has its undeniable pluses, including, among other things: action, twists, suspense and most of all, great narrative and a love story. The author is definitely reputable and worth reading further.'Cathy Hudson - 'I have to admit that I wasn't gripped by this story from the first page. I am glad that I stuck with it. It turned into a truly terrifying story after keeping the reader guessing constantly about what was really going on. Definitely a great introduction to this writer. I will be looking out for more works by this author'  Cphe - 'This was a pretty macabre novella. The story was well written and had some really dark themes, madness, abuse. I've read other work by this author which I also enjoyed.'Synopsis'A tragic tale of doomed romance.'Jason a torme ...
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