Farida Mestek
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 130

Colin Fairchild is appalled when his mother informs him that their wealthy neighbour Lady Darlington invited them to spend summer at Ramsgate with her ladyship and her ladyship’s son. Fairchild believes that Lady Darlington's friendship with his mother brought about the latter's ruin, but worse than that, Lord Darlington has taken a fancy to him and is quite determined to pursue him. For Fairchild the very thought of being courted by a man is odious and unnatural and he is just as determined to reject the amorous advances of his lordship. However, when an imprudent action on his part puts his life and that of Lord Darlington at great risk and together they overcome the gravest of perils, Fairchild discovers that extraordinary circumstances can lead to unexpected results.But how serious are Lord Darlington's intentions? And how far will he go to get what he wants?
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