J. Przymus
ASIN: B006E5B17Q
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 274

The anti-romance tale of Lifeblood continues in the sequel, Lostblood. Rosemary Sanguine has been captured by Caesar Romaine, a vampire with a grudge against Thyme. But when Thyme surrenders himself to save Rosemary, she must decide how far she is willing to go in order to rescue him, especially with her mouth-watering little sister so close by, because if she had enough blood in her system, enough food in her body, she might have the strength to escape.Even with her freedom, Rosemary's life as a vampire has not become any easier. She still must feed on humans of her same blood type in order to survive, and her standards are dropping. Worst of all, when Rosemary slips up and leaves behind evidence of a vampire attack, Sbhace—an old friend of Thyme's and an enforcer of the law—shows up to hear her make a plea for her crimes."I did good?""You did exceptional, Rosemary. It is a sad ...
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