Rudolf Kerkhoven
Publisher: Bowness Books
Pages: 207

THE NEW NOVEL FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE YEAR WE FINALLY SOLVED EVERYTHINGElliot Bergeron feels like he's been here before...Elliot Bergeron has just finished university and is falling for a young woman.  Elliot Bergeron is a disheartened thirty year-old elementary school teacher counting down the years to his pension. Elliot Bergeron's life is wide open.  Elliot Bergeron's life is sealed shut.  Elliot Bergeron has dreams of his future.  Elliot Bergeron has dreams of his past.  Elliot Bergeron is living two parts of his own life at the same time and doesn't know who he is, whom he loves, what he controls, what will happen next, or even what happened before. With an ear for dialogue and a penchant for wry humor, Kerkhoven's writing is reminiscent of Nick Hornby but with the attitude of Dave Eggers.   Utilizing a narrative that is linear and yet cyclical, A Dream Apart is an original an ...
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