Herb Mallette
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 500

When two of the world's greatest adventurers disappear, it falls to their heirs - Jake Warbler and the half-sprite Noxie - to retrace their steps and confront whatever evil took them. The only clues point to a literary enigma from the depths of antiquity: the Last Tragedy of Coeldoetta of Jueln. Missing and unread since the fall of long-ago empires, the Tragedy has doomed a thousand previous seekers. Can Jake and Noxie unearth this legendary play after so many others have failed? Or will they fall victim along the way to the same bloody-minded cult that vanquished their missing elders? The Last Tragedy begins Herb Mallette's Delvonian Tales series, a quartet of sweeping, adventurous fantasies set in a world of skyships and floating continents, brimming with magic, full of peril, and peopled with heroes of wit and skill whose villainous enemies know no boundaries of hate. ...
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