Mike Johnson
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 38

For many men, kissing isn't a really big deal. For women, it is.  Research shows that how you kiss has a surprising and powerful impact on whether she wants to go out with you again, and the entire rest of your relationship!In How to Be An Amazing Kisser: Tips For Men, Mike Johnson reveals how women think about kissing and how to master the secrets of becoming an amazing kisser.Some of the topics covered in How To Be An Amazing Kisser include:- Understand What's Going On In Her Head- 12 Kissing Styles- The French Kiss- Making It Special: The First Kiss- Bad Kissing vs. Good Kissing- How To Teach Her To Kiss If you want to be a more confident kisser and improve your sex life, scroll up, click "Buy Now", and learn how to become an amazing kisser! ...
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